Check in on your loved ones

Hey everyone. I barely post on here but feel especially called to right now. Been seeing some articles recently about a large increase of mental health problems that have long existed but are being amplified as this year has unfolded.

The numbers that stuck out to me the most were the percentage of Americans who “seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days” ages 18-24. It was 25% of respondents in that age group along with 16% of respondents 25-44. This broke my heart because I have been there and makes me feel sick knowing there are millions of people out there living among us that are really questioning if they are better off dead than alive.

I love all of you reading this and I just want to offer the least I can and say if you are suicidal please let me or someone you love know. I promise you it’s worth it to keep going. We can do it together! I know things are so fucked up sometimes but life is worth living in the long run. I have found what works for me and I would love to help and find what works with you. I’ve been feeling down recently wanting to do something that makes a difference and I realized that there are people in my own life who are suffering and I just don’t know it.

To everyone please check on the ones you love. Everyone is affected differently by what is happening and sometimes it’s the people you would least expect that are having the toughest time.

Please send me a message if you feel like you don’t have anyone else to talk to. I would love to talk with you! There are people who really care and life’s work is to help others battle depression and prevent suicide. So much help to be had. Don’t be afraid to ask! We can do it together!

Love you all,
God bless

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