Speaking up

The world is changing and so are we. It’s almost incomprehensible what is happening right now. So few people seem to have the right words for what we are experiencing. I’m going to try to articulate just the needle in the haystack of what is because what I’m trying to articulate no one person might ever be able to understand. I’m talking about the answers to questions like what is the meaning of existence itself? What is God? What am I? Why is everything the way it is?

I feel these are the questions that need to be asked now more than ever. I am so confused at times but it seems things inherently become more apparent as they are realized. The way that is the most actualizing for me right now is to embrace Pantheism. The idea that God is Everything or Everything is God. Through this idea everything makes more sense to me. That is the idea that I am driven to share. Believe me nothing makes me happier than seeing people experience God and I am telling you Pantheism increases your experiences of God like no idea I have ever come across. To me it is the greatest of all ideas, like the largest thought you can think until you literally are the thought. It has changed my life and I can’t stay silent about it any longer. If 99 out of 100 people find this idea completely useless or maybe even feel hostile towards the idea itself I understand but for the one person who this could potentially help I’m writing this for you. I love you and we are in this together. God bless everyone and everything. We are one with God!

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