Be Here Now

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The meaning of life is the meaning you give it and it is forever changing because we are forever changing.

There is no single grand narrative or best way to live. It is different based on one’s perspective and the possibilities are infinite.

The way I have found works for me is to embrace Pantheism, the realization that everything is of God’s creation and within everyone is divinity. We are the manifestation of divine consciousness experiencing itself.

God lives within us all and everything we experience is some aspect of God being manifested in the moment.

I think one of the most actualizing ways to experience God is by telling the truth and loving everybody.

We are all connected souls on our journey home and can learn from one another.

In the meantime live your best life by loving yourself and everyone around you.

I’ll do my best to share the best links I can.

All Love,

Free Mase

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